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A TrueQueen is the most powerful chess piece

our fab story

Welcome to True Queen Company!

Let me take a moment to introduce myself, I am Kiyah Washington. I am an phenomenal independent woman with a regular 9 to 5, a dollar, and dream. In all honestly I am you, consumers with a desire to help an individual with their daily TrueQueen confidence. One step at a time I created an great affordable company that I am excited to share with the world. Let's be real, I had sleepless nights, missed meals, tons of stress but it was all worth it because here you are. You might be wondering what is a TrueQueen? Let me tell you a TrueQueen is any individual who knows their worth, their strengths, and uses all their assets to gracefully take on the world. I want you to feel and know A TrueQueen is the MOST powerful chess piece. I would like to thank the most high for bringing me this far because without him nothing is possible. I think I've taken up enough of your time go ahead and get back to being the TrueQueen that you are. 

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